Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Chemically Induced?

A few weeks ago, I discovered this light patch of skin on my chin while in the process of checking my face. You can’t imagine how shocked I was by the discovery! My heart broke into a gallop as I became more frantic! I kept asking myself if I was getting vitiligo at my age while I did an all over body check for missed symptoms.
The knowledge that only my chin was affected put my mind at ease for a little bit. I tried to recall what might have brought it on which wasn’t so hard to figure out since I had mixed acne cream to my usual body cream to help take care of the rash that had broken out on my face. I probably used the mixture for a month at most.

I immediately ceased with the acne cream and prayed the depigmentation disappears before it turned into full blown vitiligo. I went to Wikipedia to assure myself that it wasn't what I thought and if at all it could go away? I learned there is such a thing as chemically induced vitiligo which can either be static or disappear with time. Also the usual symptomatic areas of vitiligo are the mouth, eyes, fingers and armpits. If either of those show discolouration, then…

It’s coming to a month since I stopped using the acne cream and I am glad to say the patch is slowly fading. If it was to be static: I wouldn’t have minded because it is directly under my lower lip, a thing only a closer look at my face would bring to attention. And it would serve as a reminder to never mix creams – something I shouldn’t have done in the first place cause of how sensitive my skin is. I never use facial powder, foundation etc because I break out immediately and any form of bruise on my body takes forever to fade!

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