Saturday, June 28, 2014

Not My Cup Of Tea!

I work twice a week but I have to say the two days take the hell out of me. I find myself quite tired at the end of each day and looking forward to the last hour of my last day! Yes, that’s how much it takes. The days over there are more demanding than when I used to work with mum. With mum; such days were sporadic but over there… after two – three hours of lazing about in the morning, the pace picks up out of nowhere.
Fortunately, I am still new over there and my skills are not so on demand. Speaking of skills, I hate how everyone automatically thinks every Information Science and Technology person is good at Programming and Design! For some reason they expect you to be able to design a database or a website off the bat – stuff I haven’t done in years. To be honest; this is the bit about Information Science and Technology that makes me not want to pursue it as a profession.
I loathed Programming at University and still do to this moment. I can’t imagine myself seated in a corner going bonkers over a piece of code that’s failed to run with my nose pressed on the computer screen. That’s not even talking about the sleepless nights and the perpetual unkempt look Programmers spot. I am not desirous of that lifestyle because I don’t have the patience and it is not my cup of tea.
My interest lies at the front end of Information Science and Technology. I love the tweaking and managing and whatnot. That is where my passion is. I put a lot of effort and hard work in pursuit of this degree, acquired the skills and also the knowledge so I’d be a fool to write off something I worked so hard for. Right?!
We are in the era of Information Science and Technology where practical skills and knowledge of the Computer and it’s entities is no longer a must but a necessity and me having those is a bonus. Plus, everything comes back with practice and I am sure that if I really wanted to program and design it would all come back to me but to be frank, it is not what I want.
Whenever the opportunity arises and my skills are questioned, I extol my interests and try as much as I can to disabuse them of the programmer thought that automatically comes with the Information Science and Technology credentials.There is no Programmer over here, not in my direction.

X. Shanah

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