Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Stretchy Braided Wrist Bands.

Every clean up session brings the need to de-clutter and throw away most unused/outgrown stuff. In a bid to do so; I had second thoughts when it came to these little seed beads I’d collected over the years. As per usual, I felt I could use them in some way which made throwing them away moot.
I have been toying with the idea of making a braided bracelet and necklace for the longest time and suddenly, there it was, the thought to try it out first as a wristband then take it from there if I loved the result. I had a daily/weekly documentation of the creations on twitter (which you would remember if you’re a twitter follower) where I would post a picture for the different wristbands.

I made four in total – green, orange & red, black & colourless and my favourite of all the seashell coloured one littered with black. The process as seen in the before picture: three stretchy strings, enter beads, then make a braid, knot the ends together and voila… a stretchy wrist band.


 Ps: The stretchiness varies with wrist size and string used.

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