Friday, August 22, 2014

Visiting An Old Habit.

I have had quite the week that at some point I thought it would end as poorly as it begun. I started it off with a fall which left my tibia in serious pain, it still aches to date although the pain is a little bearable at the moment. Someone at work told me how I shouldn't be bothered by a fall since I am already physically disabled. I do get his point but, I would rather the unaffected bones remain intact than injured. I am a 20- something with the bones of an 80 year old. I can’t go around falling irresponsibly.

Just when I thought it couldn't get better; I got the opportunity to treat myself to lunch at a restaurant all by my lonesome. It was wonderful! As I sat there waiting for my food and drink to arrive, I couldn't let go of the happiness I felt and the pleasure I derived from it. I’d definitely missed it.

Way back when, I used to do this sort of thing every other month. I’d ask my mother to drop me at a mall where I would spend the entire day. The mall I frequented  on those solitary weekends happened to have a bookshop. I would go to the bookshop, pick a book from the shelf and sit in the comfy couch they had available for us browsers and proceed to read the book halfway. I’d then go out to eat in a restaurant of my choice and later browse through shops that piqued my interest or people watch.

Having my solitary lunch reminded me of all those weekends and how I miss them. This habit of spending lazy weekends at home catching up on telenovelas omnibuses is the reason why I no longer have solitary lunches at restaurants. I need to cultivate this habit. I know a few people who wouldn't be caught dead eating by themselves in public restaurants but not me. This shameless hussy is beyond that.

Credits: Photo credits go to my sister though I had a burger and not an ice cream sundae.

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