Monday, April 20, 2015

I Am Important.

Once I lost trust in someone. 
Someone that I love.
I felt betrayed beyond reason.
My heart was shattered.
I realized that we all have emotions.
Emotions often control us.
We loose faith in ourselves.
Then realize what is important.
I am important.
The pain will subside.
The memory will fade.
I will be a stronger person.
I will be less vulnerable.
I have learned.
My trust can be restored.
Together we can heal.

Allow yourself all the time you need.

--Joseph Kitilson.

He was so kind in sharing this with me as a comment to my post on the Writers group. I thought it selfish of me to want to take the time necessary for me to get over a recent hurtful situation. This told me it is OK. To hold onto myself and my feelings and let go when I am ready because I matter.

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