Monday, March 28, 2011


Why is it such an addictive beast? Why don't the people who have had a taste of it leave some for the rest? Why is it that people who are in power think it is their right because they fought for it? Why do they imply that they are the only ones capable of running a state or country?
We have all watched and heard the news about the ongoing civil wars in Libya, Syria, and other Arab nations. Since this is happening at our backdoor...
Most African leaders came into power through a revolution and have ruled their countries for more than 30 years. After all those years in power, you would think most of them would willingly vacate the seats at the sight of discontentment from the citizens before small riots turn into full-fledged wars  since they don't want to change their policies.
The standard and cost of living have increased over the past few years and so has the gap between the rich and poor. All these factors coupled with unemployment and poor education facilities have heightened discontentment within the African citizens.  These are the leading cause of riots which later turn into wars due to failure to change by the African leaders. Why settle for less when you can take action and have your demands met?
In all the years and decades of rule, I'm sure they have more than the country's wealth stashed away in personal overseas bank accounts. It'd be logical for someone to leave and enjoy all his ill gotten wealth in comfort without being forcefully removed through a war because then; their personal wealth is put under scrutiny and is later confiscated and the overseas accounts frozen.
I had a debate with one of my friend's friend on Facebook over the recent Egyptian war. His argument was, 'insomuch as the Egyptians wanted change, history would repeat itself', implying that whoever got to rule after Hosni Mubarak, he would continue where Mubarak left off, instead of making his history. Thus, being a waste of time and resources.
However much history would repeat itself in the hands of someone else? The Egyptians needed change and it was their right that was my argument. 'History does repeat itself because people refuse to learn from other people's mistakes'. Not all of us make the same mistakes, so what if the new ruler makes the same mistakes? It is his right and also the people to have someone who might meet all their demands with good leadership because its through these mistakes that we learn the most valuable lessons.
It is said, 'Power turns heroes into ruin', which is an apt statement for all the wars happening right now. Why not leave gracefully with your dignity and money in tact instead of leaving forcefully with nothing to fall back on? Isn't that the most logical choice?
As Kanye West put it, 'No one man should have all that power. The clock’s ticking, I just count the hours.'



  1. this blog am such wud send any african leader thinking but i dont think many wud take ur ideas but i do hope that wen they do read it they get to think twice of wat is yet to come

  2. I just think it'd be the logical choice. but as the saying goes 'Common sense is not so common', which is a shame coz they'd have worked for nothing.


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