Monday, December 19, 2011

One Of My Favourite Songs.

Jang Hyuk
As you all know, I am super obsessed with Korean dramas. Recently, I watched one called The Slave Hunters where a royal turns rogue to hunt down escapee slaves and return them to their masters because the brother to the slave girl he loved killed his family, tried to kill him too and ran away with his sister. The siblings were slaves to the Prince’s family and being in love with a slave was forbidden.
It is one of the most heart-breaking, sad Korean dramas I have seen so far from beginning to end. The story line is simply delicious and the action is bad ass. It has the best fight sequences I have witnessed so far in a drama series.
I have to say, I am utterly in love with the sound track to this drama series. It is as sad as the drama with the most beautiful words you’d like to hear. The soundtrack is purely in Korean but thanks to You-Tube and subscribers who have the time to translate, it is easy to know what the song is all about.
I check out the video to the official soundtrack every time I go to you-tube. So I am sharing it with you.

Ps: Press the speech box on the video for the annotations/subtitles.

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