Monday, February 6, 2012

DIY Phone Accessory!

I made my phone bling or accessory (which ever works for you) after the longest time. I can’t believe it took me a year, give or take a few extra months. I always make my phone accessories cause of the loose/ extra materials I collect from broken necklaces to a single earring left from the loss of a partner. I don’t believe in throwing away broken or used jewellery cause it turns up being good for something else.

My mum gave me a small set of beads in different shapes and sizes from one of her broken necklaces and I had a couple of little pearls and hearts lying around in my stuff. I got both my act and the pieces together, tapped into my creative side, added everything and voila…A large strand of phone accessory!

 After putting it all together and being very much in love with the finished product, I thought to myself; in a perfect world, I’d be a very successful jewellery designer. I love to create/design, it is one of those things that come so naturally to me. This is how I spent school weekends and most holidays; making jewellery among other things for myself which most of my friends invariably took.
It always felt good having my work, effort, creativity appreciated and loved. You never think it’d appeal to anyone other than yourself during the creation process.
Okay…moment of truth, what do y’all think? Do you Love or Not?!

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