Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stories: Sharing is CARING!

This post is actually about friends or friend of mine. He is a man and as usual men have the most interesting things to share. It is about two married friends- men and a female. Let’s call the men Allan and Ben, and the female Cathy.
Allan works as an assistant to a friend of mine who is the manager. Ben is a friend to Allan and he frequents his place of work all the time. They are good friends, good enough to sin together.

Once upon a time...Allan was dating Cathy whom he got tired of cause of her endless demands. She was starting to act like a wife in short. One day, Cathy came to visit Allan at his place of work and Ben happened to be there. Seeing that he was fed up of her and short of outright dumping her, Allan decided to excuse himself from his office and came to mine leaving Ben to hit on Cathy thus taking her off his hands. Apparently Ben will hit on anything in a skirt.
As he told me this, I remembered a certain male friend of mine who told me, 'Sharing is caring'. At that time I thought it was just a quote until Allan came long with this story.
I was amazed to find out that this is how men get over girls, giving them to their friends after using them. Much as I was surprised, I could see why Allan was fed up of Cathy. She had become too demanding and was eating into his money for the family. A good time had turned into a burden and he was having none of that.
Whenever I hear such things, I always ask, ‘why do girls become demanding and dependent on the married men they date’. You have been independent without him, can survive on your own even with him around and yet, they decide to become more clingy and possessive than the wives to these men.
It is such girls that give the rest of us a bad name!!

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