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Bye To Cute Village Belle...

I decided to return to work after a few days within feeling better. It was hardly my decision to make as my mum kept on asking whether I was going to work the following day for a few consecutive days. So I did and the first thing on the agenda was getting my hair done cause I had taken out the weave, washed plus treatment. Being home turns one into a proper village belle.

Cute Village Belle.
I make a cute village belle with my glad rags on but, really, it shows a lack of seriousness and respect for the job when you take the cute village belle too far at work. I visited the salon round where I work and as the lady went through the motions of relaxing my hair, I paid no attention until the setting stage.
She combed my hair rather slicked it back, tied a thread running behind my ears which made me wonder if this was a new trend in the hair business. I didn’t bother to ask. I usually let these ladies do as they please with my hair long as I have the time. As she proceeded to put my hair in curlers, I noticed its length. It is almost the length it was before I cut into a Dianna Agron inspired bob (my version of it). I want to maintain short hair thus the not so subtle increase in length is not pleasant though I let it be. Hair is really like grass, however much you cut it it always grows back unless you have poor quality hair or you are at the stage where hair growth is no longer possible.
After the setting and hair dryer sessions, it finally dawned on me that the thread was to mark where I was going to place my headband seeing as I had gone into the salon with one adorning my hair. She removed the curlers, used a wide toothed comb to organise the curls a little and later asked me to wear my hairband. I have to say that I was impressed. Yes! No more cute village belle, cute city belle has taken over.

Cute City Belle.
Ps: I am going to wear different headbands until the curly hair wears out. I might do a pictorial post cause I have a not so small collection of hairbands.


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