Thursday, June 14, 2012

…It hurts to dream…

I had the most candid of conversations this past week with one of my sisters. The kind where you let your heart speak for itself without interruptions from logic-for once. It got me tearing up a few times cause of what it meant (I am the sort people come to not the type that seeks others) and made me wonder if she felt it since we were Instant Messaging. This might strike you as strange but whenever I am chatting via Instant Message, I always wonder if the other party is able to detect my mood from the replies or tone?
To get back to the subject…This conversation was about dreams…I don’t want to elaborate on it so this quote will say it all. ‘As much as it is good to dream. Sometimes, it HURTS to dream.’

Aside from that…One of my good friends gave me his cross-body bag because I liked it. I love! Love! friends like these. He neither hesitated nor grumbled about it except he made a promise to leave it to me when he leaves the country. I like it because it was a little large and roomy enough to hold my mini laptop along with some of my ‘can’t do without’ junk. As I write this post, the bag is in my possession!

…I have been ill for a while but getting better, Thankfully. I feel it. When I am sick, I miss looking cute and being the ‘exotic flower’ as my mum calls me. It is one of the first things I think about when I am coherent enough to make sense of my thoughts…pretty girl problems!

Lots of love to all of my friends who take time out to come visit, text and post on my facebook wall simply to check on me. I love each and everyone of you.

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