Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kingdom Of The Wind + Queen Seondoek

I am surprised the post about one of my favorite Soundtracks to a Korean drama is doing well. Either people are watching this particular drama or love the song. Seeing how popular the post is, it reminded me of my love for them. I still watch and have watched three more since. I loved two of them and not all.

Kingdom of the wind. The memories of watching this one bring a smile to my face. I saw the sweetest yet sad lovestory. It’s about two childhood best friends who fall in love with the same woman and as they grow up, their paths keep on crossing and not in a good way. One is the future King and the other a mercenary who made it his mission to try and destroy his friend’s life because of reciprocated love. All this is set with the backdrop of kingdom struggles, wars and et al. I loved the soundtrack to this too. In fact I have it as my alarm tone.

Kingdom of the wind.
Queen Seondoek. The first I have seen with a female lead. I guess it has to do with the fact that it is based on their only female ruler. The drama, storyline and action in this series was indescribable. The control for power between the protagonist and antagonist is dramatic to watch in itself. As one woman struggles to maintain her behind the scenes hold on the kingdom, the other fights to take her place as its rightful and first Queen. The story is really intense to watch in most episodes. The introduction of Bidam’s character who was funny, lazy with quick sharp martial arts skills helped give it a comedic, light hearted touch which I think was a good idea. Sad in its own way but very good to watch.

Queen Seondeok
I haven’t been able to watch any since Queen Seondoek because the station that televised them is on a hiatus. I don’t even know why! My Wednesday-Friday nights were guaranteed Korean drama addiction fix with the Saturday omnibus as an encore which I took full advantage of. I keep checking the channel and even sent the station an email to no avail.
It sucks major balls! 

And this is the soundtrack to Kingdom of the wind. I hope you love it.


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