Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Make It Work For You!

My mum got me these teardrop stud danglers and I’d never worn them (by choice) until awhile back. When I first got them, it was with a lot of misgivings. I liked the design but not the length. They were too long for my taste and I couldn’t turn them down. You know it is rude to turn down a gift, right? I decided to keep them with the knowledge that I’ll never wear them. I never wear stuff I don’t like. I either give re-gift (give) or leave it at the bottom of my stuff.

Considering how long it  had been since I got the danglers, I was pestered into wearing them which I didn't like on principle. The first time I wore them; I received a few stares cause of the design and the look probably. I didn’t dwell on it. I had my own thoughts to entertain where they were concerned; they were long, weighed my ears down and the constant swinging got on my nerves! Ps: this is why some girls have extremely large ear piercings! Isn’t it weird how self conscious you feel when you do or wear something you have a lot of misgivings about? That’s how I felt.
There was a moment when we were caught up in traffic and I got the chance to take a hard long look at the danglers. As I looked at them; I developed the itch to edit/tweak/tone them down. That day was  the first and last time I wore them long.
So bored I took a picture!
I took quite awhile in getting round to shortening them. One of my friends came to visit over the weekend and I sought her opinion which as expected was contrary to mine. She thought they looked better longer whilst I preferred short. Since I had two similar pairs; same design different colours, I decided to edit the ones I would wear most.
Editing jewellery never takes long. A few weak spots is all it needs. Anyway I took them from a length that got on my nerves to something short and sweet! Which I definitely like!
I had the opportunity to wear them and showed mum the newest version. I held my breathe for a bit waiting and let out a huge sigh when she approved of the new look (She’s the one who got them for me after all)!

New Version.

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