Monday, December 31, 2012

Fare Thee Well 2012.

What to say about 2012?! Gosh! First and foremost, if you made it through the so called apocalypse as purported by the Mayans, KUDOS!! I don’t understand why there was a brouhaha over it for people who are clearly NOT Mayans! The Holy books tell us that no one knows the day death will come to them so…
2012 is coming to an end! Another year going by. It’s amusing how years out of school rush at the speed of lightening unlike when were in school, those certainly passed at a snail's pace!

What can I say about this year? I learned that more than anything else; I need to become financially independent! I became a true victim of the recession and it isn’t funny. I honestly need to do something about this. Working for ones parents is NOT the business. Whilst they are reaping the rewards of free labor you are held ten steps backwards.
How can I forget how I was relieved of some of my most priced possessions this year? To date, I curse the person that robbed me. Call it sentimentality or being attached but some things have memories they bring when you hold, look or wear them. Whenever I remember what I lost, I get sad then start sending up a succession of curses to the person.
A couple of situations this year re-enforced my decision to cease and desist from chatting and all Instant Message platforms – Whatsapp, Yahoo Messenger, and Google Talk. My decision to go further and uninstall all the apps from my phone was wise as I look back on it. For some reason people who should know me better fall into the habit of misunderstanding where I am coming from when it comes to them. It’s really not nice when people seek your opinion then later act like you offended them whether intentionally or unintentionally. People actually forget that trust is like a mirror; once it is shattered, however much you fix it, you can still see through the cracks. I’ve learned to hold myself and my opinions back when it comes to certain people.
Ever realized how some of your friends know the a,b c’s of your life when you know crumbs about theirs? Is it not weird? This year made me so much aware of it that it couldn’t be ignored. Well, Imma be like that too with the stingy ones. It’s useless to share so much with someone when they only share crumbs with you.
My bff from childhood gave birth to a little baby boy whom I adore so much. He is such a darling. Seeing her with her baby makes me want to have one, a little girl to be his girlfriend when he is all grown. I guess soon, I shall be approaching all my potential baby daddies so we can get down to business! I have all the probable potentials earmarked plus baby names. The cut off point for the future baby daddies is them fathering more than one kid whilst still on my list! More than one kid gets them crossed off! A potential baby daddy who can’t keep it in his pants is a NO! NO!
This year has been a struggle both financially and emotionally. Despite all that, my friends, family and everyone I know remain constant treasures. I love each and everyone of you so much. Seen or unseen y’all are EVERYTHING!

Fare thee well 2012, Hello…2013

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