Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cupid’s Month!

I’m so glad January finally gave way to February. It was an unreasonably hot month which made me thankful for not being up and about because it’d definitely lead to a serious heat rash. I have weirdly sensitive skin. Any sort of marks whatsoever take forever to go. I’m still sporting band aid (plaster) marks from  6 months back!
Much as I am glad at seeing January go, I can’t help being a little sad. Soon, I’ll be returning to work. I am so used to waking up at my own timetable and lazing about – stuff I’m going to miss however rested I feel. Funny how things work out. Before I took leave, I’d made a mental decision to without knowing the wherewithal of how it was going to happen. All I knew was I needed a break from everything and everyone. And then, voila. I recently read a quote a long the lines of, ‘life has its own way of sorting things out,’ which I find very apt for this. I’m happy it all went well.
So, I managed to get the rest, unfortunately, I am yet to see the one person I really wanted to. So much happened to put that visit on the back burner and I think it is a little late now for she’s probably back to university or going soon. That, was not to happen and I’m Ok with it. Chatting with her for a bit here and there isn’t enough of course but it helps a bit. Nothing beats the feeling of having that one person( or two ) in your family who gets everything you’re about.
The one thing I’m looking forward to where work is concerned is getting dolled up. I miss it. All this time on my hands has turned me into a proper village belle. Cute Shanah wants to let loose. LOL!
Unexpectedly, my phone met with an untimely death. It decided to end its service-span after two worrisome blackouts, revivals and a suspiciously swollen battery. What does someone do when something as unexpected as this happens? I’m that person who can use the same phone for years without an upgrade unless it is forced on me. I loved my BlackBerry, so much so that when my brother suggested an exchange with his N900 before he left, I, without regrets turned down his offer. His N900 had EVERYTHING even Super Mario whom I loved playing so much.
Now, I have to return to using a phone with a poor screen and picture resolution until I scrape enough dollars to buy a Samsung especially one with instagram. I’ve been coveting one for ages but not at the expense of my blackberry. I’ve always been content with it. Sucks that this had to happen right around the beginning of fashion month.
Well…since we are in the month of LOVE, being loveless and all doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the chocolates. Treat yourself and have fun with it. 
Happy Cupid’s Month everyone.

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