Monday, February 18, 2013

Midnight Plum.

Basing on the little to nonexistent posts on nails, you’re all safe in assuming that I am not a love-my-nails-much-girl. Three of my gurls love their nails, it is their thing. They grow them gorgeously long with the best polish unlike me. Whenever I grow my nails, I realize how dirty they are underneath. I guess this is a complex because even when they are clean, they seem dirty to me and I take forever to ply them with colorful nail polish. So, I keep them short which, I think, suits me well and envy my friends’ for their talons and claws. LOL.

Midnight Plum in the day light
On a spur of the moment, I decided to get myself out of my despair, cheer myself and nails up by giving them the full manicure and pedicure works. I do my own nails, few people touch them because I am very ticklish even my toes which makes the people giving me a mani/pedi and myself very uncomfortable. The fewer touches, the better. I whipped out my bottle of Avon Midnight plum gifted to me by an aunt on a return trip from the UK. I’ve had it for awhile just never been motivated to try it out.

What plums would look like at night

The colour is a dark plum purple akin to aubergine purple without the translucency. It reflects really well in the light especially during day and at night it can pass for black at night but not quite. When you look at it you know it isn’t black. I love how it looks on my nails and the juxtaposition of the light complexion with the dark shade of nail polish is beautiful. My friends always ask me to try dark colors due to my skin tone yet I prefer light, popping ones when it comes to nails. This is a nice trial.

What do you think?

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