Monday, April 22, 2013

A Short Bob

After six good months of running around like a bonafide village belle, I finally got round to doing my hair. It was such an impromptu decision that made me glad my mother had an extra hair piece lying around.
I ended up doing a bob because the hair pieces were short, for short hair. I wanted a serious fringe going on in my face but the person who weaved it on cut it a little shorter than I expected. Since I have had it for two weeks now, I guess it is OK. Besides, everyone says I look good and it is reminiscent of the styles Keri Hilson usually sports. And the red highlights at the front totally make it work.
Doesn’t it amuse you when people ask if your weave is actually your hair? That right there means it is good quality human hair.
The most fantastic thing about it is I can comb it different ways and curl it when I want to.

On the day I took the second picture, I was wearing a princess like white dress and someone told me I looked like a baby Angel.

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