Tuesday, April 16, 2013

J’Adore: My Floral Cuffs.

I came across these cuffs amongst the stuff a family friend had asked my mother to pass around to her friends and when I laid eyes on them, it could have been sacrilege to let them go to someone else! You should’ve seen the grin that split my face and the excitement I expressed over seeing them.
Funny enough, my mother thought no one would like them but after seeing how they looked on my wrist during a trial fitting, she thought twice! As a connoisseur of jewellery, I looked at her aghast. How can someone appreciative of jewellery not take these on sight? Accessories make me happy and these little babies are too gorgeous for words.

I love the colour and the design. The roses motif is so intricately detailed you have to marvel and appreciate the time and thought the creator put behind the work.

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