Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Mutha Of A Fall.

I would have told y’all before how I don’t remember the last time I fell but unfortunately, I do. It happened last Wednesday 08/05/13.
There I was, going around my office packing my stuff, ready to call it a day. As I went about the business of preparing to leave; handbag, laptop bag and cushion in tow, I felt my third leg do an awkward turn that should have told me something was amiss. Before I knew it, I found myself on the floor with the arm hole of my third leg broken! As someone who rarely falls, because I try to be extra careful what with my fragile bones and physical state – I took a moment to just sit on the floor and wait for the shock and disbelief to ware off. I also had to think of how I was going to get to the car seeing how my third leg was in pieces.
Luckily enough, someone who always helps out at my office helped pick me up and held my hand as I wobbled to the car. I must have been ripe for a fall as I look back. In the process of packing up my stuff, it occurred to me that I was relying too heavily on my third leg regardless of the excruciating pain (had nothing to do with the fall) I felt. On realizing this, I tried to even out the weight which I guess made it worse for my third leg.
That day was really sad for so many reasons I shall not elaborate. I felt sad for the loss of one of my third legs as I have only one functioning one at the moment and the hurt it caused my pride to fall. Now, I am trying to regain confidence in my remaining third leg. Whenever I walk around, I can’t help thinking it will give up on me too and then I shall have nothing to use (God forbid) until my brother’s return.
For clarification, I use a crutch or walking aide after the major surgery I had in my pre-teens. And because of it, I have to be very careful with falls. I feel no residual pain by the way.
Do YOU remember the last time you fell?

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