Thursday, May 9, 2013

Good Bye April… Hello B’Day Month!

Despite a few pitfalls here and there, April turned out to be surprisingly good month. Why? Because I got the chance to see my male best friends and we caught up over pizza and drinks, separately of course.
A month into showing up at the new office digs, my cousin once asked when my friends would come visit at the new location. I remember telling her how busy they are and hardly had time to come visit during the week. But you know what? They managed to make time for little old me and I can’t complain.
I’m friends with an Engineer, Programmer and IT specialist. I’ve known the Engineer since 13 years old and he was the first to come visit after months. Captain Jack Sparrow has grown into someone I am really proud of. To hear him talk of his accomplishments, plans and dreams is to marvel. It was hard not to compare the boy he was to the man he is now. I am proud to be friends with him more so now that he knows what he wants out of life and isn’t willing to settle for less. We have fought so many battles were girls are concerned when it comes to Capt Jack Sparrow. Now, he will have to beat them off with a stick when the time comes.
And there is my very best of friends; the IT specialist.I’ve known him since we were pre-teens. I can’t say much because with him, we are still fighting a few battles and soon, we shall concur all. He may not have faith but I do and it is enough. Hey, when crap falls apart, there is that person who is there to help pick up the little pieces and that is what I am. I got to see him bond with my brother and get on like they’ve known each other for years. It is damn easy for boys to make friends with each other than it is for girls.
Let’s not forget the best friend I think I stole from said brother – the Programmer. Huh! It had been a few years since I last saw this one. When he asked to come visit, I thought it was going to be so awkward because he is a Programmer and I am a little out there and the combination of my mother and aunt together was something to worry about. Naturally, Programmers are intimidating even when they are friends. Surprisingly, it turned out to be fantastic. I ate a lot the day he came. My tummy was a bottomless pit!
Seriously, all these boys inspire me. I don’t know what to do with the inspiration though. LOL. I am proud to be friends with all three and it is good to see someone you care about grow into the person they are meant to be. Captain Jack especially. I remember we were talking about something particular and my mind was faraway, which he noticed and not for the reasons he guessed. He said he'd inspired a blog post then and now... How true, Captain? How freaking true? I am proud of the man you have become!
OK, seriously. Aurevoir Aprirl…IT IS B’DAY MONTH! YAY!!

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