Popping Orange.

The day I got it
To catch up on my nail posts, I rocked a solid orange manicure for a few days. I love color, and if it is loud and looks lovely, I would probably wear it on my nails. I hate dark colors.
I know people who wear nail polish all the time but never loud nail colors and I wonder why. I mean, if you can't experiment with color anywhere else, why not start with the nails?
Anyway, I rarely do nail polish because some never last beyond five days. I find myself peeling some of it off when it starts to chip. I think the chipping is what makes me hate getting a full manicures.

Last days of the manicure

 Manicure Tip: Always wear white nail polish as a base when trying out loud colors. It makes the color pop.--> I found this out later. I did mine without white as a base.


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