Thursday, June 27, 2013


I finally took the plunge and returned to twitter! I can’t say that I missed being on it, no. I think I missed the real timeliness of it. I thought back on the time I left and the reasons why then I appreciated time. They say, ‘time takes it all away, whether we want to or not’, and time heals all wounds but it can also kill a waiting heart.’ I would say I fall in the former category of time.
The funny thing about situations is; when we are in the grip of the experience, we think it shall remain so for an indefinite period of time because of the pain and hurt we feel. And yet, this is not quite true. Situations come and go and so do bad times. It is the optimistic who believe in the essence of time, not us the pessimists. We’d rather drown in the now than in the tomorrow. And when time does its thing, we appreciate.
I think I returned to twitter at a time when I am really uninspired. I’m so uninspired that I can’t really find someone worthy to follow and my tweets are less. But then again, my previous account had been there for several years – years of thoughts and lots of quotes. I read a lot of serious stuff back then. I guess, as time goes on, I’ll find my inner twitter mojo.
Speaking of reading, I have been trying to download a certain author’s collection for almost two weeks! Can you believe that? Two weeks on an uninterrupted wireless connection and all it can download is 1.9%? I’m almost giving up. The sad thing is these books not being available as singles. I hate downloading a cache of 12 when I’m going to read three. LOL.
I can’t believe I am so uninspired lately. I have unfinished accessories creations in my box of projects with no wherewithal to get some of them done, I can’t think of anything to draw and on top of that; I can’t get myself out of the fluff (romance) reading mode that I am currently languishing in. I hope the audio book I downloaded on Confucius, Lao Tzu and Chinese philosophy helps me find inspiration. The world has no color when you’re not inspired to do ANYTHING!

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