Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Outta Commission!

Much as I am still uninspired, life continues to go on.
First and foremost; the only boy I shared a boob with is back! Yay! This is very exciting because I missed him like hella much. Seeing and having him around 24/7 now never tires. One of my fave girls claims he looks so much like my dad but then again, their blood line is strong. lol. He seems much bigger now (not fat), and very bearded. His beard could almost compete with that of Rick Ross. Much as he has trimmed it for now, the beard is an issue for the parents. My dad actually asked how he could have been allowed to travel with such as beard on top of being Muslim. Like being Muslim isn’t cause for suspicion without the beard making matters worse.
On the day we went to pick him up, the airport was crawling with so much human traffic both in the waiting lounge and outside that I wondered how one of my friends who actually works there deals. I felt so faint in that I absconded to the loos just to catch a breather. And there was a lady preacher in full make up trying to ‘save’ my soul. Really?! OK, not to offend anyone but some people should try to keep their faith and religion to themselves. I am the only Muslim amongst my friends and personally, I never go out of my way to try and convert them to Islam because that is how much I respect them and their religious beliefs and I expect they wouldn’t try to do the same to me. So, why don’t these people ever get it? We are all comfortable with our religious beliefs and I believe those who aren’t know where to go. Do we all look like potentially lost souls who need saving that one must try their shot in the dark? Really?
I usually let this stuff roll off my back but this woman pissed the hell out of me! When I told her I am Muslim and already have a God, she actually asked, ‘Who is that?’ and ‘What is a Mosque?’ Was she for real? I would NEVER EVER disrespect someone like that nor would I pretend to be such an empty headed ignoramus. My mother was right to say they are all thieves in disguise and we should be wary of them.
I’ve spent a few days or rather week out of commission due to poor health. Whenever I have my arm hooked up to an I.V, the thought, ‘I got tracks on my veins like a drug addicts’ runs through my mind all the time. LOL! My left arm was used this time and on the second day of medication, I went to shower and brush my teeth. When I held my toothbrush in my right hand and attempted to brush, I realised how freaking hard it is. I wondered how people go about little stuff like this when their main hand is incapacitated. Damn! I felt really useless without my left hand. I am such a lefty in that I use it to eat when I am using a fork and knife. It has nothing to do with etiquette or table manners. It was really uncomfortable on so many levels. At one point, I had to ask my brother to help pull me up to a sitting position. 

 The medication is done and I am glad to have to use of my arm back. On that note, Imma stop here for now. 

My brother got me a new set of legs and this is me trying to get used to them. 


Ramadan Kareem to all my Muslim friends, readers and family. May God accept all your Fasts, Prayers and Good deeds in this Holy month and may HE have mercy on us all. Ameen.

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