Monday, November 18, 2013

Over It!

First and foremost, I’d like to thank everyone for the anniversary greets. Most of you almost made me wish it were my birthday instead. Thank you.
I am on leave from work until further notice and loving it because I get to be a couch potato and catch up on most of my favourite shows on telly. Old reruns of Grey’s Anatomy, Glee (which I shall sorely miss as it comes to an end after next season) a season of Made In Chelsea, Beauty and The Beast 2.0. Speaking of Beauty and The Beast 2.0, I’m not that huge a fan of Kristin Kreuk since her Lana Lang days. I, basically, stopped watching Smallville the season Clark Kent chose to save her instead of his dad. I felt he should have saved his dad, after all she moved on to date Lex Luthor. Who does that? Anyway, she is growing on me as Cat (although she is such a nag in season 2) in Beauty and The Beast 2.0 and Jay Ryan isn’t that bad to look at either.
I don’t know if this is good fortune, but, there is a channel showing reruns of Beauty and The Beast 1.0. The only recollections I had of bad ass Linda Hamilton are the ones stemming from her Terminator days as Sarah Connor. With these aired reruns,  I get to see her before work with Ron Perlman, judge and also marvel at the wonders of technology between then and now.
 BATB 2.0 is so dated and totally relevant to my generation. The subtle references to pop culture, social media and JT’s dry comebacks make it watchable. I have friends who hate it apparently and my brother thinks they should have stuck with the fairy-tale plot of it like in the cartoon. If beast in BATB 2.0 is a result of an experiment, then how about the original one? Why or what made him into a beast?
You know; when you have a lot of time on hand, you begin to reflect and realize a few things. It is through these realizations that we grow into the people we want to be or who we are. I have had a lot of time to know without a doubt that I am so over some friendships. We all know a friendship is a two way street so why expect me to walk it alone? I’m over that. You can only do so much for the people you think you care about. No wonder I edit my contacts every year end. To be honest – the fewer friends the better. And, the one or so few friends that make time for you are the good friends you should keep around. No dead weight!

Fan Fact: Beauty and The Beast 1.0 is 22 years old! Can you believe that?

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