Tuesday, March 25, 2014

First EVER Pair Of Earrings!

Ever since I tapped into the little accessories designer in me, I had all consuming thoughts of making a pair of earrings especially after making this necklace. I thought it would look good with a pair of earrings but my creative adviser suggested a bracelet. So, that is on the back burner but not the earrings making bit. No.
A couple of days ago; inspiration struck, all the creative thoughts and ideas came together and I finally got round to making a pair of earrings. Earlier, I had edited a pair of peacock danglers that were too long and kept the little red connectors, found the double chains laying around and hooks to pull it together. With accessories especially jewellery, it is imperative to keep the pieces you think you might need at a later date after editing a piece.

In my opinion it all came together perfectly. I doubled the chain on each pair to make it a little thicker and shorter instead of one slender long chain (I don’t like long chain danglers), connected to the red pieces and added the hooks. The only kink in this entire picture is the silver hooks unlike the rest of the pieces which are kind of bronze. Aside from those of you who read this, few would know.

How they would look like long

Whenever I do something creative-wise, I seek the opinion of four people. My mother (sometimes), Creative Advisers's Em or Ama (invaluable girls), and my brother. Since this is entirely of a feminine nature and because I haven't touched base with the creative advisers, I sought mum's. Told her I made a pair of earrings aka danglers and proceeded to show her. She does like them, said they look not hand made. I took that as a compliment.

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