Saturday, March 1, 2014

Frightful Nights!

Aside from the times where I fall really sick and feel as if at death’s door, I have had quite the couple of frightful nights that have to do with a burglar or two.
In my room, there are two large windows I leave open whenever going to bed at night. I leave a partition of both windows open due to the unbearable heat we’re experiencing of late. I never draw the other half of the curtains too just the net and that’s it. So, there I was in the wee hours of 1/03/2014 turning around in my mosquito netted bed with the thought to close the windows because it had turned quite chilly. On turning, who do I notice AGAIN not only peeping into my room but actually pulling the window netting aside to take a hard look? A Burglar!
You won’t believe how I actually sat up in bed and asked the guy to get the hell away if he knew what’s good for him. Despite this dose of bravado, I was really frightened to the extent of being cold all over with a seriously pounding heart. I gave myself a few moments to calm down, crept slowly out of bed, drew the curtains – without closing the windows then proceeded to go to my parents’ room and wake my dad up. I’m so glad he is a light sleeper because he didn’t waste anytime and went straight for his firearm.
As I was busy telling them what had happened, my mum kept talking in this really loud volume yet me and dad were whispering. I kept thinking, ‘what the hell is wrong with her?’ When my dad left to patrol the house, I decided to leave mum by herself. I couldn’t understand what she was on with the loud talk.
After my dad’s patrol of the entire house, I asked him to come into my room and stand by while I closed the windows because I was quite frightened. He was of the notion that it’s OK to leave them open and the burglar probably wanted to take his car apart and had left, but after the scare I had? I wasn’t having none of that! All this happened around 3am!
The first time this happened, my windows were open then too and that time, I only gave a scream from my bed and the parents came running.
Our neighbors surprise me sometimes. They know my dad is armed and dangerous yet there is still someone out there who loves to take the risk? Granted, the fence on the side of my room is a little lower which is temptation but, for what? Why are you risking your life for a few measly things? I say neighbors because burglars never come from far. It is always someone from the neighborhood never from afar.
I should really stop the habit of leaving the windows open when going to bed too. What if the burglar shoots me dead and proceeds to go about his business the next time? God forbid!!!!

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