Tuesday, April 29, 2014


  • There are no deaf as those who don’t want to hear. – Corona De Lagrimas.
  • You may not be rich enough to buy your dreams but you can be rich enough to buy the basics. – Shanah
  • Desire makes the future but avarice kills the future.  -The Fugitive: Plan B
  • If you admit to your mistakes, the past becomes the present. – The Fugitive: Plan B
  • The good people attach good strings. The bad people attach bad strings. – The Fugitive: Plan B
  • You’re relationship is a house of cards. Don’t open the door for a breeze. – Awkward.
  • When we lose someone we love, we have the obligation to honor their memory. – ARROW
  • A sure enemy is better than a vague friend. – The Fugitive: Plan B
  • Curiosity is the root of all illnesses, it’s more harmful than drugs. – The Fugitive: Plan B
  • To live is to form a small cloud. To die is to scatter that cloud. – The Fugitive: Plan B
  • Every fight in this world has an end, except for family quarrels. – The Fugitive: Plan B
  • Nothing inspires forgiveness quiet like Revenge. – Gossip Girl
  • It’s better to be a king of your silence than a slave to your words. – Forbidden Passions
  • Lying is really an art. An art you learn with experience. – Shelter For Love
  • The things that are worthy don’t come cheap. – Shelter For Love
  • Like a hurricane of hatred that’s out of control. – La Patrona
  • When we choose to keep secrets, they sometimes become even harder to bear. – La Patrona
  • People tend to rely on what doesn’t change. – The Fugitive: Plan B
  • Many live beautifully after becoming a traitor, but no one dies beautifully. – The Fugitive: Plan B
  • Real love takes more than just emotions. – The Fugitive: Plan B
  • Modesty is a virtue for mediocre individuals. –Corona De Lagrimas

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