Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Fugitive: Plan B.

The Fugitive Plan B cast

After IRIS’ intense and tragic end, I didn’t have to wait long for the next Korean Drama as The Fugitive: Plan B aired right on it’s heels. It was such a welcome comic relief and so different from IRIS. None of that political, espionage stuff and the war between the North and South Korea.
This is  about a Private Investigator and his client whose entire family had been killed due to gold discovered and hidden during the Korean  war. The client is in search of her family’s murderer and the reasons why. The underlying issues are the villain’s son’s political aspirations as the next president and his need to take care of all the people who know about the gold so the son’s aspirations come to fruition.
I loved it because I found it quite funny and it starred Bi Rain (Private Investigator) who won an MTV Award for Ninja Assassin. It is neither sappy nor sob story-ish and Na-young Lee (client) is a fearless female. No swooning and simpering for her. She gives as good as she gets without having a hair out of place. The scene where she’s dishing out kicks in the sand absolutely blew my mind.
Bi Rain looked so young a times but he is good (Koreans have such fantastic genes). I never watched Ninja Assassin so seeing him in this made me believe. Also, it is the second time I see David Henney in a Korean series, first was in My Lovely Samsoon where he was quite young. In this; he is very grown up and HOT! I guess even hotter now, considering this is a 2008 serial.
The good thing about Korean series is; they are 22 episodes long if not periodical dramas and they pack quite a lot in the hour and half duration per episode. They are so well written and the plot never drags.
I absolutely love this song from the series and naturally, I downloaded it. I hope y’all like it too.

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