Friday, April 18, 2014


When will her problems end?
When will we be free of the constant worry brought on by these problems?
When will we be free of the fear in our hearts for her life?
When will her smile come from the heart and not clouded by the sting of tears?
When will she be truly happy and not bogged down by sad thoughts?
When will she learn it’s not always about the material things?
When will she be content enough to accept and believe in it?
When will we be as carefree as we were a few years ago?
When will they re-discover the love they shared back then?
When will their voices ring with the laughter in their souls and at themselves?
When will they look and smile at each other with love in their eyes?
When will they remember what they mean to each other and all they have been through?
When will they mend the rift that seems to drive them further apart?
When will they remember what it means to have each other’s backs and no one else’s?
When will they rebuild the trust they had in each other?
When will they forgive and get over past indiscretions and misdeeds?
When will they bridge the gap, mend fences and go back to who they were? When it seemed so right?
When will it all go back to the way it was?
Before life takes it all away and makes it impossible?

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