Monday, May 26, 2014

A Joyful Day!

Little old me so tired and frazzled!
I had quite the eventful weekend with one of my oldest best friends that took more hard work and planning than it should have.
It took me by surprise when she suggested the do last year. It was quite unexpected. Few people barely remember how good friends you were when kids nor appreciate but not her. From last year’s tentative suggestion and agreement to the actual weekend, it took quite a lot of planning cause of scheduling conflicts on both sides and my health.
At a point, I feared we might never get to but we both had to make a bit of an effort so much so that when I felt 100% better, I asked her for an exact date and time. I felt that if I didn't see her as soon as I could, I might never do.
Everything fell into place and it finally happened. We’ve known each other for give or take twenty years, were best friends in Primary school and would meet randomly at University and chat for a little bit given the time constraints and different studies.
Seeing her after all the years and spending the entire afternoon in her company was such a pleasure. She is so wise and I love the young woman she has become. And you know you are friends when you share career advice and experiences. Most people we call “friends'” never want to share experiences and how they got to where they are but not true friends. True friends have your back and tell it as they see it – which she did. LOL.
We both noted and appreciated how we never out grew each other and the friendship because it happens to so many childhood friends. When adulthood and life hit, the bonds of friendships break and all that's left are memories. With us; the years literary fell away as we found our way to the girls we used to be except as grown ups with mature conversations.
I have such a small number of friends and having one of them be someone who knew me when I was little and remains in my life is not only a blessing but a gift.

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