Sunday, May 18, 2014

The April Promise.

It took me awhile to get to this but now that I know for certain it is true, I can finally let it be known that April did deliver on its promise. I am volunteer at an organisation for my people (people with disabilities) and to be honest; I do like it over there. It is so quiet and serene on the days when it is not busy -my kind of environment.
Getting to this point took so many months. Months were I was afraid to tell the most important people in my life for fear of jinxing it and getting them excited over nothing in case it didn’t work out. When it finally happened and all three or four found out, it left me a little sad because they didn’t get to hear it from me regardless of their excitement.

Manning the front office on my second day

My first day wasn’t so bad. The person who had asked me to join on a voluntary basis was there and seeing him put my fears to rest. The most outstanding experience from the first day is the sight of a little person - a little man to be exact. I’d never come across a little man just a girl I met at university and we struck up a friendship despite doing different degrees. Seeing the man reminded me of her and it made me smile.
I might have made him a little uncomfortable for I stared at him so intently he ended up leaving. Seriously, I think the sighting of a little person should be as luck inducing as the sighting of a leprechaun. They are both so rare. By the way, referring to a little person as ‘little’ in their presence is an insult to them and their intelligence.

Feeling like a BOSS at my return to work last week

Aside from all that; the work isn’t that bad. And it is all in the name of experience added onto what I gathered from working with mum. If something materializes from this, all the better. If not, it is OK. After all, service is the rent we pay for living on this earth.  The person most amused by all this working for free is my dad. I think he finds it inconceivable as a self made person.
Since I work twice a week, the first picture was taken the week I started and the second picture just last week when I returned after getting better.

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