Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wet ‘Expressions’ Look.

Being all over the runways of Fashion Week Spring 2013 notwithstanding, Beyonce singlehandedly tried to bring back the wet hair with her 2014 MTV Music Awards performance look.
In this vein, I decided to take a couple of pictures after washing my hair to see if I too can successfully rock it – for a few hours at least.
Honestly, I love how lustrous and dark the hair looks although a little thinner due to the moisture. Also the curls were revived after the wash.

Wet - Look Hair

If you really want to commit; I bet you could add styling gel to keep the look for a week or two while it is still wet. All mine had to it was hair lotion so it’d retain the lustre and shine when dry.

And this is how Beyonce looked during her performance. In hindsight; I should have gone full glam and given her a run for her money!

Beyonce at the 2014 MTV Music Awards

PS: All the pictures were taken during the air drying process since synthetic weaves are flammable.

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