Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Faux Bob.

The faux bob is the easiest way there is to shortening long hair without actually cutting it off to make a real bob.
Since I perfected the ability to make a faux bob, I’ve rocked it a few times and with good results. Lots of people have asked how I made it shorter without getting the chop and have it remain in place the entire day which is all quite easy.
The first time I tried it out, I wore a stretchy headband and tucked the ends of expressions into the headband. It worked with the exception of the headband being visible as it was of a different colour from the hair. The other method is to gather your hair at the end, hold a little ponytail then fold it inwards and hold it in place with either a butterfly clip or hair pins on both sides of the hair. A method I have used several times.
I’ve worn it twice with the headband and several times without. The length of the bob varies with the ponytail you make and so too does the style. You can have it looser and freer or tighter and smoother. It all depends on what works for you and are comfortable with.

PS: It wouldn’t be a faux bob if you held your hair out instead of inwards towards the neck.

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