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The Male Habit!

I’ve been through a few extremely annoying situations with people of the opposite sex recently and I have had it! It’s reached that point where I either talk about it or let it fester.
Let a man know it is a female waiting for him and he’ll be as late as he can possibly be! Poor time management/time keeping is one of my biggest pet peeves and people who don’t value others time piss me off. My time is just as important as yours. Not so long ago I had to wait for some chap for two hours and when deigned to grace me with his presence, he was not only ill prepared but unrepentant! I was full to bursting with anger! I usually tell people off but held back for this person, it was a wonder how I managed to rein in the tyrant in me.
Pay him a compliment and he thinks you want him sexually. Really? Self help books have it as a good idea to pay people compliments because it buoys someone’s confidence. Well, most boys I have come across automatically think you have designs of a sexual nature toward them all because of appreciating the colour of their tie, the fit of their pants and general appearance. Can I not appreciate something I like about you without the sexual connotations? We girls get complimented by every random Tom, Dick and Harry but we never think it as a come on.
The ‘buddy’ business. How I have come to loathe the word. One thing I have been noticing when chatting with boys is their never ending use of the word! The word is literary dropped after every other sentence. It would be so amusing if it weren't pretty annoying. Excuse me, I know we are friends. How? Because I let you talk to me about your girlfriend and relationship issues! If I were not a ‘buddy’ you would have no excuse to burden me with that baggage! The only person you’re trying to convince that we are friends and nothing else is yourself otherwise why the need to pepper the chats with the word/
And then you wonder why I take breaks from Whatsapp.


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