Wednesday, September 17, 2014


  • The minute you stop looking for luck. You find it. - Susan Sarandon
  • When money starts talking everybody listens. - until Forever
  • Romance, education and good manners have nothing to do with age. - Por Siempre Mi Amor
  • I want to see you naked covered in my kisses. - Fearless Heart
  • You have to be ready to be by yourself and like being by yourself. - Susan Sarandon
  • No matter how sure the monkey is; it can still be outsmarted. - Valiente
  • The weakness of any woman lies in her children. - La Patrona
  • Sometimes the most trustworthy people lack trust. - Boss
  • You can never understand the decisions another makes unless you've walked in their shoes. - Anya Bast
  • Poison is an art and the essence  of art is surprise. - Reign
  • The key to a good lie lies in the details. - The Big Bang Theory
  • When the company is good, time does not pass. - Destiny River
  • You can't find a rose without a thorne. - Por Siempre Mi Amor
  • A true love is very selfish and cannot be shared. - Fearless Heart
  • Intelligent people know when to change their minds. - Amor Bravio
  • Dead bodies and freeloaders start to stink after three days. - Amor Bravio

Currently obsessed with Reign. It took me awhile to understand the entire plot but I love it. It might be the only new show that I am watching.

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