Saturday, December 6, 2014

Moody December.

I may as well look good despite the crappy mood
It is December: a month for spreading good cheer, festivities and excitement because it holds the promise of the year's coming to an end. Since December begun, I couldn't be less cheerful, excited nor happy. My mood is topsy-turvy and I can't put a finger on the reasons behind it. I find myself on the brink of tears 5/10 times and I am forced to make decisions accordingly. I am a moody person, naturally, but this is getting out of hand in my opinion. I recently cancelled lunch plans with my cousins where I know I came off as rude and bad mannered. I couldn't help it. It all seemed so lengthy a process and I was less than prepared, mentally. Work is going OK. The only wrinkle in this situation is the lack of understanding from the people I work with. I work in the service industry where it is my duty to serve and as such do so with some compassion which I can't say for my workmates. They come off as rude and arrogant to the people they are supposed to serve and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Much as majority are expatriates and not locals it doesn't mean we should treat them any less different because without them none of these people would be in the cushy positions and offices they seemingly enjoy. In regard to my mood, I can't say much. It is all over the place but what I know is I am not happy (pharrell Williams happy), no. The only thought helping me keep it together is the anticipation of taking myself to a solitary fancy lunch of either Indian cuisine or a big burger and chips meal once salary hits the bank. Nothing else. The irony of being a good listener to other people's problems and general bad mood is that when you find yourself in a similar situation, you have no one to be this for you. At the end of the day you have to be your own Dr. Phil or in my case Agony Aunt.

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