Friday, December 26, 2014

My 2014 Highlights.

Wondering what to do with myself

“Everyday might not be good. But there is something good in every day.” - Unknown
2014 has been more than surprising. I drew more in this year alone than I ever did after University and a dream I had long stopped dreaming finally came true. On that note: it is finally time to share all that I am grateful and have been for, over the course of the year. This time round, I am not only sharing the good but some of my noteworthy thoughts and the things that made me smile. To reiterate what the above quote says; we do have a bit of good even in a bad day.

01/01/2014 – Unremarkable New Year’s eve but a surprising first of the year.
- Snake sighting had the house in an uproar.
- Glued my little finger onto a ring in an attempt to fix it.
03/01/2014 – Off for a few days to see the keeper of my secrets and Baby Jara.
07/01/2014 – Receiving medication and ointment from Baby Jara.
08/01/2014 – Returned home due to poor health. Loved the time I spent with my cousins.
12/01/2014 – When a family visit brings something you never anticipated nor expected.
- Looming interview.
14/01/2014 – Interview day. Hope it is the beginning of many.
23/01/2014 – Catch up session with my girl Emma.
- Promising news.
08/02/2014 – Artistic inspiration = happiness.
13/03/2014 – Frightful night! A visit from my girl Clare was the reward I needed.
20/03/2014 – Made my first pair of earrings.
23/03/2014 – Woke up on the right side of inspiration and made a few bracelets.
30/03/2014 – A twitter follow from someone I admire so much in the fashion industry.
31/03/2014 – March has been a good month for creative inspiration.
01/04/2014 – 419 views on beautifully fierce.
03/04/2014 – Discovered a lighter patch of skin beneath my lower lip. The beginnings of vitilago.
04/04/2014 – Had my hair weaved.
05/04/2014 – Took out my hair after a night. It looked like a red mop on my head.
06/04/2014 – Got my hair weaved again. This looks more like me.
07/04/2014 – Time I got my life in order. This isn’t the way I wish to live it.
09/04/2014 – Promises are being made and I couldn’t be more sceptical.
10/04/2014 – Discovered Simply Shanah had it’s highest views on 06/04/2014
11/04/2014 – You may not be rich enough to buy your dreams but you can be rich enough to buy the basics. – Shanah
13/04/2014 – Knowing you’re so well loved and that everyone cares.
- Anxious, excited and a little sceptical.
16/04/2014 – Turned up for my first volunteer experience EVER!
- Saw my first ever male little person and it brought a smile to my face.
- Dad’s inquisition over my whereabouts. I am the only child he counts on to be home at all hours.
17/04/2014 – Seeing a deaf couple interact is fascinating.
- Manned the front office for awhile and I loved it.
- Saw the little man once again and I smiled. At this point he probably thinks I am into him.
19/04/2014 – The most important people ask all the right questions. – Shanah
- The decision to let go of the one who made the cookie crumble.
21/-4/2014 – 208 views on Simply Shanah. Happy the blogs are getting hits.
28/04/2014 – When someone tells you how special you are then proceeds to take away the warm and fuzzy feeling in one fell swoop of nastiness and cruelty.
01/05/2014 – Birthday month and I am as sick as a dog.
10/05/2014 – Tears!
- When the one person you thought was the exception to the rule turns out to be one of them.
- A decision to not give future little Shanah siblings. She will be an only child. God willing.
15/05/2014 – Nothing beats the knowledge and feeling of knowing that someone is into you.
16/05/2014 – Design inspiration.
18/05/2014 – Tentative plans with my best friend from Primary School.
- Beginning of birthday week.
22/05/2014 – Birthday!
- Birthday song from my ride or die girl.
- Conversing with someone you know wants you is extremely awkward.
24/05/2014 – Lunch date with my bestie from Primary School. I’m glad to have maintained this friendship.

The highlights continue...

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