Friday, January 2, 2015

A Look Back On My 2014.

Not so long ago on an evening out with my brothers, I had a moment of reflection upon everything that happened in the course of 2014. This took me to the years where my girl Shar and I would promise each other on new years eve- the new year was our year. We did this for a couple of years until we both realized ‘our’ year was yet to come.
I smiled to myself as it occurred to me that 2014 was the year we were both waiting for; the one God had ordained. So much has happened in this year than in all the previous years we used to hang our hopes on. A dream I had stopped dreaming finally came true. I am gainfully employed and so is my girl. Knowing that we are going through this at the same point in our lives means everything to me. To be able to share experiences and hurts with each other as we navigate this new journey is more than one could ask for.
The road to financial independence is quite challenging for both of us. However, I am glad to be back on a scheduled and focused point in life. There is a lot of comfort in knowing where you must be at a particular time and what you should do than trying to figure out how to spend the day and make the time fruitful.
Also, artistic inspiration has been on a high this year than any other. I draw on and off every year which is nothing new but trying my hand at creating jewellery and carrying it off is something I never saw coming. Nurturing the talent has been quite the ride. The ideas are endless yet the time is rarely there. I wouldn’t change it for anything. Being a jewellery designer is one of my biggest dreams. It is what I want to be in the years to come. God willing. And taking these baby steps in the right direction are everything.
Best of all this year; is having my brother around. Sad’s being here has made the work experience a little bit easier. There are times when I don’t think he understands me at all yet he does. Having him around at this moment in time is more than I could have ever imagined because at the end of the day; he is my confidant, my sense of humor and most of all my brother.I shall miss him immensely when the time for him to leave dawns. I pray for nothing but the best for him.
Enough of the mushiness. LOL. I couldn’t be more grateful for everything that’s been 2014. The friends I have made both old and new, the experiences, gift of life to see most of it come true and the new dreams.
Happy New Year people. May all your wishes and dreams come true in the coming year.

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