Thursday, April 2, 2015


mental chains
A few months ago, I joined a Facebook page for writing inspiration. As someone who loves interactive pages, I would read everyone’s pieces and be left in awe because they are really good. This is something coming from a person who doesn’t consider herself a lover of poetry. All the nuances of poetry are lost to me unfortunately; but it doesn’t mean I cannot appreciate the little I do understand. Being in this group has helped me flex the little muscle I have where poetry is concerned and I have shared several on the page which to my surprise have garnered not less than 20 likes. 
Anyway, one of the writers in the group shared this picture of a a little boy pulling back a wall ‘curtain’ to peak into a rainbow world he had yet to explore. The words came to me after taking a few looks at the picture and as I wrote it all up, I felt like I was talking about myself because I believe, as writers in the making; we write what we feel.

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