Saturday, May 2, 2015

Incredible Experiences.

At the memorial lecture
 I had one of the most incredible weeks of my life! It kicked off with an attendance to my Grandfather’s lecture where this time round; I was roped into doing registration of invited guests and I got the chance to meet the Who is Who of Kampala. Seeing our Lord Mayor made me feel like asking for a selfie because I am most likely not going to run into him again.
And then came the Prime Minister of Buganda fresh from the success of his ‘tofaali’ collection. As the key note speaker for the night, he delivered quite an impressive speech, judging from what I was able to catch. I was so impressed by him. He is so eloquent, articulate and charismatic and very impressive. He left me in awe to say the least. I loved his little anecdotes on my Grand father. These are what I honestly love hearing the most at these lectures because these people knew him as a student, friend and colleague whilst I only knew him as Grand father- pillar of strength, infinite love and wisdom.
The Prime Minister proposed the development of a memoir for my Grand father’s works and brought to the fore the country’s poor reading culture which may or may not deter the development of this collection. The nation’s reading culture is appallingly poor and abysmal. Few Ugandans read and rarely out of interest which puts us behind on so many intellectual and development levels. However, the reading culture should not be a deterrent to the publishing of good books. Let the material be available and the decision to read or not be left to the individual. Besides, more people than I would be interested in reading my Grand father’s body of work.
On Radio
After that enthralling experience; I got the opportunity to be on radio! I still can’t believe it to this day because it left me mortified, petrified and very horrified. It is one of the experiences I have been through that I keep wishing never happened yet it did. The proof is in my memory and picture I took. I was so ill prepared I could kick myself and on top of that the program was in  a local dialect I have failed to master. Much as I may try, Luganda is not my strong suit and being unable to hold a full conversation in it leaves me at sea. I kept thinking, ‘I am not making any sense’ which I definitely did not and came across as stupid.

However much I may wish the memory away, it happened and left me with a little homework. I thought I need to practice public speaking and work on my low but husky voice but there is the urgent need to polish my Luganda if I am to continue with these radio (I hope not) things.

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