Thursday, January 6, 2011


Its 11pm and I absolutely can't sleep. A lot is weighing on my mind and I don't know why. The urge to write has completely taken over me and the good thing is, it helps when I write.
The year is coming to an end within a week's time. I look back on some of the resolutions that I made for 2010 and realize that, I accomplished fewer than I had intended/made.
They say a 'resolution' should be an achievable goal that is supposed to improve on your life or being. Something that will bring personal gratification and fulfillment. That we should all resolve to do things that we will be able to accomplish within a specific time frame. Things that we put off due to lack of time or motivation to finish.
I realize that resolutions have no specific time frame that is neither an end nor a beginning; people will still make the same resolution year in and year out hoping to finally fulfill it. If someone doesn't have the desire to accomplish a goal they had set aside for themselves, what's the use in making them at all? Because a goal is supposed to give your life purpose and the vision to achieve it.
Some people don't believe in resolutions. They say, 'why make a plan for myself when God already has plans for me?' I find that totally lacking in zeal/spirit. The desire one has to accomplish their own goals. Goals that will bring personal fulfillment. There is something satisfying about achieving the unattainable.
I find that failure to make plans for oneself shows a total lack of character or weakness within a person. What's wrong with making your plans alongside God's plans for you? Besides, we never know what God has planned for us and it is kind of risky to leave everything to chance, when we all know that God helps those who help themselves.
Starting a blog is something I never believed I would carry off despite my love for writing, neither did I think I'll actually put it out there but, hey, am happy about it and it gives me joy.
However big or small your resolution is for 2011; don't fail to write it down as a goal. You may have the spirit within you to accomplish it and the satisfaction will be beyond your imagination. The feeling you get when you've acquired and achieved everything you ever wanted is the best you'll ever have. Go for it and don't be afraid to make your resolutions no matter what.

Ps: Wrote this a week to the end of 2010. Did not want to change it.



  1. i luv this one; am one of the few u mentioned lol makin the same resolution year in year out; bt am prayin this year's gna be diff; three major ones; increase my Iman, pass ma degree and the last one is mushy mushy bt.. to see the Mr. :)

  2. I need to increase my Iman too. Seriously!! The Mr. will wait for you to be done with your education. No rush ;)
    But whatever it is; just believe in it and you'll fins yourself achieving it.


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