Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Loves

Before we grew up to become sophisticated young men and ladies. Before us girls discovered boys, and before we learnt how to deal with life's little stresses and problems. We had fun little hobbies that used to bring us pleasure every time we carried them out, when we were younger.
When I was younger, I used to draw as a hobby and I loved it. I would draw every weekend and possibly after classes sometimes at school. It’s something that used to make me relax and stop thinking of school problems and other issues that a young girl is sometimes forced to deal with.
As I grew up, dealing with high-school and later university, I stopped drawing. The urge would come to me now and then but I would rarely act on it. This doesn't mean I gave up on it or forgot entirely. Sometimes we have to prioritize and in this case; school had to come first because that laid the foundation of my entire life.
A few months back, my brother returned for vacation. He saw all my art books and asked if I still drew. Sadly, I answered him in the negative. His thinking was, I stopped because I had to deal with school and exams but that didn't mean I should give it up. He knew how passionate I was about it. I realized then that we should never completely give up on something that we love no matter how busy we are.
The funny thing is, a friend also reminded me of how good I was and the pleasure I used to gain from it. Inspiration is a funny thing. After having a good pep-talk with my best friend, ideas begun popping up as I felt the excitement build. I remembered how I would get excited about a design, the finished product. The rush to draw came back and I was happy about it. I had missed not being able to do so all those years that I had stopped.
However much we may be young ladies and men, try not to forget about the things you loved as a child. They are the ones that remind you of your childhood and sometimes you need them to remind you of your innocence.

PS: I would have loved nothing more than to use one of my sketches but I don't have them scanned maybe next time.

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