Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Highlights.

I decided to do a roundup of what I was dealing with during the month of the Fool or Fools.
I have been sick for the longest time! Unfortunately, I am not one of those that happen to be endowed with good health throughout the year. I envy such people! But in my religion i.e. Islam, sickness is a way of expiating on your earthly sins which is a good thing but on the other hand, I must be such a Sinner! The good thing about all this is that my best friend and a few of my good friends were there for me in spirit. I love them for that. Nothing makes one feel better about themselves than knowing that they have someone who absolutely cares, no matter what!
I suffered a crushing disappointment from someone who really did not have the option of disappointing me. It took me awhile to wrap my brain around the fact that he really did it but I got over it. We all have expectations in others because we want to see a little of our own kindness in them, when we don't receive nor see any of it, it absolutely hurts. We live and learn everyday and it’s because of this that my faith in the person has diminished a notch.
April saw the beginning of the 'walk to work' protests in Uganda led by the opposition leaders. They were meant to be peaceful protests but the outcome and damage caused wasn't what they had hoped for. I got to witness police brutality and also found out just how much power the police have in their hands. Why don't we have a disciplinary committee for the police? Why must they assault citizens and get away with it?
The hugest highlight of last month had to be the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. She looked so beautiful and her doing her own makeup was a bonus because she got it right. I think Harry looked better than the Groom but hey, it was his day. David Beckham (massive crush) looked so handsome and dashing in his morning suit. I loved his sleeked back hair. Victoria is a lucky woman. The British have a thing for hats because, it was a HAT show. Kate deserved her prince and this showed that fairy tales really do come true.
The exit of April marked the beginning of one of my favorite TV shows Big Brother Africa. The adverts throughout the month were making me anxious. Tension was at its peak due to the fact that I wasn't sure of who was going to be our representative. They ended up being revealed on the forum just a week from the premier and it wasn't all bad. There is a massive provision of male eye candy!
Now, that we said bye to April. I am happy to finally see the arrival of MAY which happens to be my birth month. So excited! And happy to be better so I can enjoy it and everything.

Have a Fantastic May everyone.



  1. What did you think about the Royal Wedding?

  2. YEAH! You're back.
    sorry for you being sick. it's not fun.
    i didnt watch the royal wedding. was at school.
    and i remember i had a BIG crush on William when i was little. lol

  3. Thanks for the welcome back, glad to be feeling human even if for a bit.
    You should have watched the highlights of the wedding, it was a beautiful affair. William doesn't do it for me anymore with that premature bald.


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