Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Facebook Relationships.

Facebook as we all know is a social networking site. I think its one of the greatest creation of our generation. Not only does it allow you to keep in touch and re-connect with friends from school and distant family, it allows us to witness the budding and ending of relationships amongst our friends.
The beginning of a relationship on Facebook is one of the most interesting things that can ever be witnessed, I think. Its more interesting when the couple decides to list the people they're in the relationship with instead of just changing their relationship status to 'in a relationship.' I always wonder why they do that. Do they do it for their friends so they can check out the person they're with or is it a warning to other interested parties?
In the beginning, you get to witness how the couple always spends time on each others walls by writing lovey-dovey messages for all to see. Like they have no phones to either text or call up the other person, or maybe Facebook is that cheap? When you read the posts and comments between them, you wonder as to why they don't get a room?
As the relationship progresses, the lovey-dovey messages and status updates stop, to be replaced by issues and grievances going in the relationship. The couple starts talking about the other party's bad habits seeking advice from their respective friends. This as a mutual friend is when you know that things are going sour!
What I really find amusing is the end of the relationship and its aftermath. Some of them let everyone know how and why they have broken up, they go ahead to 'remove' each other from their respective friend's list and onto abusing each other on their pages and status updates.
The funny thing is, after de-friending each other, one of them will send the other a friend request which will be accepted. You'd think they're going to sort out their problems and get back together but it’s not the case! They go as far as writing about the other party's shortcomings until one of them gets fed up by the feedback from the comments and decides to take the high road by blocking the other party.
I'm not all for airing dirty laundry in public.  As someone I know asked, 'when your parents have a fight, do they go and talk about it in their local News Paper?' It gets annoying when the girls as usual, mourn about end of the relationship and start talking shit about their Ex. What's wrong in being the bigger person by keeping the negative feelings to you? Much as a lot of wrong went down, there were some bits that you loved about the person, enough to be in a relationship with them.
I find that some things are too personal to let everyone know and trashing your Ex all over a social networking site doesn't make you look good. 


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