Friday, July 22, 2011

Website Take 2!

I hit a snug in the building process when it came to getting it hosted and tested. I found out that getting a website hosted here is quiet expensive especially the monthly charges. I put hosting it on the back burner while I looked around for other avenues like getting free hosts for a year, but that would have meant me having to change the domain name and of course hosting websites which would not be cool. I let the idea rest for quite a few months….
I got the absolutely best news today! It inspired the artist in me! So, I had a talk with a family friend. He asked what my plans were since I am done with school and studied Information technology. The talk touched on my idea of having a website and how I had to let go of the idea for a while because hosting fees were steep.
Apparently, internet business is the way to go in this age (I knew that) and he liked my idea of building a personal website. He had a lot of suggestions to make and ideas to give that I was so inspired. He said I could make the website then get it hosted abroad because their hosting fees are so little or at least pocket friendly…How cool is that? That never occurred to me at all.
Thinking about it makes me more excited with the idea and all the pros that come with getting it hosted somewhere else and not in my home country. The internet connection here is so poor yet we are charged an arm and a leg for poor service. The people are shamelessly brave when it comes to delivering poor services to paying customers. All they care about is their bottom line and not your professionalism.
The more I think about it the more convinced I get. So… now, I am going back to the drawing board and re-start on the whole design and layout. I want my website to bring in lots of traffic so I can reap off the time and investment I will put into it. I would like it to be more professional and interesting. I have to have kick ass content because I would like it to be Fabulous and Fun like its creator!
Wish me luck y'all. I hope to get it hosted and share it with you. Fingers crossed.


  1. am waiting and i share ur excitement.way to go shameem

  2. I am so excited and a little freaked out by the undertaking! I hope i do it successfully.


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