Monday, August 1, 2011


So many ideas swirling in my head. It makes me a little anxious about making them happen because; if I take the plunge, I'd like for it to be a success. I am so confused about them and it is hard to decide on which idea to settle on because they are both viable from my point of view and great. Huh! I hope I can come to a decision soon and that it is the right decision. Hopefully, when I do,  I am able to see which ever I decide on to completion and fruition. And that Allah is on my side.
Aside from that, one of my brothers' old friend  just returned for a visit after years away. Hearing about him makes me a little excited and anxious at the same time. I don't understand why I feel this way but it is what it is.
He is one of those guys you would look at and smile back then (don't really know how he looks like now). What I know is back then, I used to look at him and tell myself that I could have a crush on him if I wanted! Like we can decide on who to crush on but then again, we can after all we can decide on who to love!


  1. my is this coming in this holy moth of ramathan.wat a temptation? or is it an exception?hmmmmmm

  2. No temptation yet! It is the holy month so i am trying to remain as holy as I possibly can.

  3. If u have an idea/ideas. Just pick one and go with it. To be a good entrepreneur u need to take chances without regrets. Yo choice is the best thing u can ever make so go with your gut feeling. Good luck and happy Ramadan. Hooo and about yo bro’s friend, you said that back then you used to look at him and tell yoself that u could have a crush on him if u wanted!, well this could still be the case remember you did not have a crush on him but though u could only if u wanted. So chances are you r not gonna think different from back then.

  4. Nick: Thank you for the sound advice about the ides. My gut feeling is right on the money but so many cons have come up. I don't think i will abandon it though.
    As for my bro's this space.


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