Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Odd Friend Requests!

I have probably been on Facebook a year or two after its inception when it was a baby. Considering that the Social Network is around 7 years old, I should be amongst those who have 1000+ friends as I am an addict and avid user. But this is not the case.
For a social network where you are supposed to make virtual friends and interact freely, share opinions; I am pretty picky when it comes to accepting friend requests. I always wonder how the person who has sent a friend request knows me and what it is they want. Which kind of defeats the purpose of the social network…I know. I end up ignoring most because; some send to become your page stalkers while others to piss you off if  it happens to be a guy who doesn't know better!
We all have a lot of people on our friend's list who hardly comment on our status updates, posts etc. when only 20 out 500 people comment and make an effort to interact with you; does it not make you wonder what the rest really want from your page?
I made a decision to only accept friend requests from people I went to school with: the ones I actually talk with and also those that I personally give my Facebook username. The random requests, I accept and after a month, I remove them as my friends.
Recently the boy who works for us sent me a friend request which begged the questions; what does he want from me? Is it not an invasion of my privacy? I never want people I hardly talk to knowing my business and they are so many where I work. And what this boy probably wants is to show off to these people my pictures and my page basically.
I have never been the sort that limits privacy on pictures and status updates, well... only my friends can view them. Why exclusively limit one person when you can block the person or de-friend? When I saw the friend request from that boy; I customized my privacy settings immediately and limited everything after accepting his friend request!
My main concern was my pictures and there was no way I could restrict those without restricting the status updates too, of which everyone can comment as they like as long as it is not to be stupid and get on my nerves. But, what is he doing by sending me a friend request?
Some people just don't know their boundaries! But then again; my sister was right when she said every Tom Dick Harry and wheelbarrow pusher is on Facebook nowadays.
My Facebook page is personal and private. I don't care if you are spying whilst I am on it but don't go as far as sending me a friend request to really stick it and show me that you have been spying!

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