Monday, August 13, 2012

Enough IS Enough!

I have had it up to here with boys on Facebook! I have reached my limit! I am tired of being terrorized in my messages inbox and chatted up for no reason. My participation doesn’t mean I love it. On the contrary, I am being courteous by indulging you because I don’t want to be rude which is going to change from now on.
A friend once told me I throw tantrums on Facenook-it should have offended me but not quite because why not throw a tantrum in the same place that ignited it?With the crap I have been dealt, I think they are well deserved tantrums and also warnings to those who might get it in their heads to want to disturb me.
I go on Facebook most of the time to play Farmville-yes, I am addicted to this game, maintain a Facebook page my and Emma started up and also to chat with my friends (people I know). Unfortunately some of that time is compromised by random boys who want to chat me up with nonsense. The things they say; well…to sum it up, they get hot and heavy, wax lyric within a day of my having accepted their friend request. The wise wait a little and then all of a sudden launch a full fledged attack! Fun-knee how they terrorise me in my messages inbox and then get all huffy and pissy when I tell them I Am Not Interested!
I sometimes wonder what sort of girl they think I am cause honestly, who in their right mind goes to meet a random stranger within a day or hours of being chatted up? I am neither looking for sex nor selling anything! And they are not worthy the death of a random cat out there for me to kill!
Another thing, boys who get all hot and heavy at once creep the f**k out of me. Flattery in my books never takes you anywhere when you know nothing about me. And always liking my status updates, pictures and comments doesn’t give you the right to terrorise me in my messages inbox nor poke me!
I know people use facebook for sex, relationships etc but I don’t fall in either of those categories. I NEVER want to meet facebook friends and boys on purpose. NEVER! It is one thing I never and still don’t entertain as a thought. The fewer people I know the better.
Because I don’t want to entertain anyone, I try not to get caught up in the senseless chats. I know I can block and restrict everything but I feel I have outgrown all that. So please, do me a favor and LEAVE ME THE F**K ALONE while I am on my farm or not. IF I do so much as bestow on you the pleasure of chatting with me, try and keep your nefarious intentions and purposes to yourself by neither macking on me nor soliciting meetings. Thank you!

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