Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Random Act Of Kindness: The School Experience.

Once in awhile, keeping; time, mood and nothing to do constant, I do a random act of kindness for some of my friends provided it is within my power and reason.
The request for this act of kindness came in form of a Facebook message from, Zacky. He needed help writing about a school experience-something i had never done before.
I asked for all the pertinent information which would make a skeleton of how it would shape up but just like a guy, he wasn’t so forthcoming yet it was about his school.
After my promise to help out; I felt like backing out on more than one occasion. There was hardly any information to go on and picking my girl Shar’s brain showed how off topic what I had come up with was. I remember asking her if two heads could be wrong?
I have the tendency to put stuff on hold after a failed first attempt and that’s what I did. Sleeping on it always gives you a clear mind and a new perspective the next day.
Since Zacky was hardly informative, the logical alternative was to draw from my own school experience- how I felt, loved and remember about it. I thought, ‘if it were me in his shoes, what would I write or talk about?’
I still wanted to chicken out, thought better of it and took the plunge. Putting that thinking cap on led to the creation of something I liked at the last minute. And best of all, he liked it too.
There goes my random act of kindness.

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