Monday, December 23, 2013

The Good From 2013.

“Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in everyday.”
At the beginning of this year, I made this one little resolution – to start a jar/journal of gratitude where I’d note the good that’s happened in a particular day as a way of not focusing on the things that went wrong. Let me say; it worked. And for me to say this means a lot because I am 60% pessimistic. I chose not to believe something good or exciting will happen until it does. Keeping this gratitude journal and maintaining it has helped me focus on the positive unlike before where I would dwell on the negative.
As the year is coming to an end, I’d like to share with you what I think was memorable and made me happy in 2013 plus the things I am grateful for.

01/01/2013 – Re-connection with O.R. He helped me practice my French like no man’s business.

07/01/2013 – Drew a couple of drawings – I love it when artistic inspiration strikes.

10/01/2013 – Return to work in a new location. Love the location.
                   - Ran into Ayeisha, an old friend from High School.

01/04/2013 – Death of my phone which made me resurrect writing in a journal.
                   - An unexpected  offer from my friend Chingy.

02/04/2013 – Watching my dad bustle around in the kitchen making us (me and him) breakfast.

09/04/2013 – Seeing my friend Ron the Engineer and hearing all about his accomplishments. We’ve been friends since High School.

16/04/2013 – Thoughtful aunts.
                   - Miss the friends I left behind but grateful for new ones.

18/04/2013 – Seeing my friend OR and catching up. We last saw each other at University. This is why I am grateful for technology and social media.

19/04/2013 – Friendships are easier maintained than let go of. Sometimes, its best to look at the bigger picture than act rashly after a moment’s hurt.

22/04/2013 – Ran into my cousin Shamilla after a few years. Seeing her was such a pleasure.

07/05/2013 – Grateful for friends, both old and new.
                   - Grateful for this other blog that I derive a lot of pleasure from.

11/05/2013 – News of my brother’s pending return who apparently got me new crutches without knowledge of my fall and breakage of the third leg.

22/05/2013 – Birthday! Got hair accessories as gifts from my sister and news of my oldest best friend’s upcoming wedding.

26/05/2013 – Grateful for my brother’s generosity and willingness to help even with the little he has.

01/06/2013 – New month, wonder what it has in store.

6/06/2013 – Met the most charming man. A real life humpty dumpty. Tall, potbellied with a bald head. He made quite the impression because he talked with me while looking into my eyes and with a smile. It’s rare finding people like that who let you know their attention is on YOU.

8/06/2013 – Trip to the cinema and lunch with my girls Emma and Claire to watch my honey Tony Stark in Iron Man 3 as a be-lated birthday celebration.
                  - Caught a glimpse of my best friend and her family from a distance.

7/07/2013 – My brother’s return home after 3 years and my new legs.

22/07/2013 – Made my first sale for mum at the new location excluding the time I sold for aunt.

23/08/2013 – Bought myself two pairs of neon hoops: one pair in lemon green and the other hot pink.

And this shall be continued…

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